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Andrea & Bianca

This wine course born from a meeting between two Umbrian guys, owners of two Umbrian restaurants, who would like to share their experiences as sommeliers with you



I was born in Monteleoned'Orvieto, in Umbria, my passion for sport, exactly football, led me to leave my region as a teenager. At the age of 18 I become a football player through luck and efforts.

I followed the football career until the age of 30.

Then my passion for the world of catering brought me closer to wine and I started my studies as a Sommelier. On 2016 I reached the third FISAR level by becoming Sommelier and owner of the Seven Restaurant Cafè.

In my restaurant I manage more than 400 labels and I share my experience with my customers and the members of my Wine Club. Today, with Bianca, we are ready to share our experiences and knowledge with you making your experience an unforgettable holiday in Italy.


I grew up in the wonderful medioeval village of Panicale, where people have always lived following the rhythms of tradition and community, where people still talk to each other and meet in the square, the same square where Lillotatini, my family's restaurant, is located.

I attended classical high school and after graduating in law I practiced as a lawyer for ten years, at the same time following my passion for wine, baking and travelling.

I have always followed my mother, Ais sommelier until 25 years, to all the events, shows and tastings organized by the association, visiting wineries and trade fairs.

So a few years ago I also decided to participate "in my spare time" in a Assosommelier course and reach the sommelier certificate. This experience was enlightening and contributed significantly to broadening my horizons and changing the scale of my priorities, so that in 2019 I turned my passions in my job, leaving freelance work and spending all of my time in my family restaurant. Today I am the owner and sommelier of the Lillotatini restaurant together with my mother and my brother, who are also sommeliers; when I'm not working I like to travel the world, a hobby that takes me to visit interesting wineries, meet passionate winemaker, discover new and interesting wines to offer to the guest who come to visit us in Panicale.

This new work experience allowed me to have important meetings and get to know the guys at Seven Café', wherewith there was immediately a profound convergence of objectives and values, such as that of family and work.

Andrea and Michele soon became friends as well as esteemed colleagues.

With Andrea, in particular, a sommelier and waitress man like me, we would like to share our passions for the territory, wine and good food with our dear guest.

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